Welcome in Walschbronn

The small village of Walschbronn is located at the end of "Bitscherland", at the German border, in open country (“ Imgau ”). It is located in the green valley of the Schwarzbach, a tributary of the Horn, on the road that leads from Bitche to Pirmasens.

The village is mentioned for the first time in 1080 under the form Galesburas, then Walsbronn in 1155. The etymology of the name would come from the name "Gales "/" Walhos " : Celtic man, attached to the substantive "Bronn", the spring.

In the hamlet of Dorst there is a beautiful chapel, as well as a Mennonite cemetery which are on the ban of Waldhouse, a municipality which had merged with Walschbronn between 1811 and 1835.

Disappearing healing waters, a little-known castle, successive wars, a moving border... a whole mysterious heritage is to be discovered here by strolling through the village.


We thank the SHAL du Pays de Bitche for its contribution to the historical texts and illustrations.